The Steubenville Marina

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Now that the weather is warmer, it is a good time to visit the Steubenville Marina located on the Ohio River off of SR 7.

Entrance to the Marina

Entrance to the Marina

It is just past Dickey’s by the railroad bridge and the old Fort Steuben Bridge.  The marina has two boat ramps, two shelter houses, and a picnic area. There are also two old railroad cars on permanent display. Each year on July 4, residents can begin the day with a community prayer service.  Local music bands play througout the day and fireworks light up the sky at night. 

Ohio Historical Marker

Ohio Historical Marker

The Steubenville Marina is the site of the former Lock and Dam No. 10 completed in 1915.  It was part of a slack-water navigation system built for the Ohio River. When Pike Island Dam was completed in 1965, the lock and dam was no longer used.
The Ohio River derived its name from the French who called it La Belle Riviere, and by the Native Americans who called it O-hee-yah, the beautiful river.

The Ohio River begins where the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers merge at the Point in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It allowed the early explorers and settlers a means of traveling almost 1,000 miles inland with the aid of a current before roads or railroads.  The first vessel on the river was the Native American canoe used by the early explorers.
Steubenville owes it development to the river on whose western bank the First American Regiment built Fort Steuben in 1786 to protect the surveyors from the Native Americans.
The Ohio River is considered the most unique in the United States.  It flows from east to west when all other rivers flow from north or south. Geologists discovered it is because the glaciers indirectly created the river. It is also the reason there are so many curves and bends as it flows westward to the “Father of Waters” the Mississippi. 

Picnic Area

Picnic Area

So when you visit the marina you can enjoy the water, the weather, and a little history.



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  1. Super post, Need to mark it on Digg

  2. It would be great if more information was available about the Marina on the City’s website. . .

    • I’ll mention it to someone I know who works there

  3. I enjoyed my stop at the marina while boating on the Ohio River. Nice place!

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